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How to grow peanuts in Europe?

We’re delighted to welcome you to a space where we can share valuable tips on successfully growing peanuts. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a gardening enthusiast, our insights aim to guide you through the journey of cultivating healthy and thriving peanut crops. Explore our resources and let’s cultivate success together!

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Environmental requirements

Peanuts are a heat-loving crop that thrives and develops during the warmest months of the year. Lower temperatures at the beginning of the vegetation period more significantly limit yields than higher temperatures.

The minimum soil temperature required for seed germination is 15°C in the top fifteen centimeters of soil. At this temperature, the seeds germinate within 12-14 days.

The crop’s flowering period extends until mid-August, reaching its peak during high temperatures.


The timing of sowing significantly influences the uniform germination and stand of the crop. Peanut sowing is initiated when the temperature in the top 10 cm of soil reaches 15°C. Calendar-wise, this corresponds to the third ten-day period from April to the first ten days of May. During this period and with sufficient soil moisture, peanuts typically germinate within 12-14 days.

The sowing depth for peanuts should not exceed 8 cm. The seeds need to be placed on a firm bed, at a uniform depth, and with “secure” moisture. Uneven sowing and susceptibility to wireworms and pathogens may occur if the seeds encounter “spotty moisture.”

Peanuts are sown using pneumatic seeders for precise sowing, with discs featuring 5 mm openings. Within the row, the seeds should be spaced 8-10 cm apart. At this density, the crop reaches around 14-16 thousand plants per hectare until harvesting. Depending on the absolute weight of the seeds, the seeding rate for the crop varies from 10 to 12 kg/ha. After sowing, it is essential to roll the area with lightweight rollers.

Water and soil requirements

Peanuts fully meet their water requirements during their vegetation period when the quantity reaches 500-600 litres per square meter. Water shortage negatively impacts yields and seed quality.

Despite their short vegetative period, peanuts require substantial amounts of nutrients. For this reason, the crop thrives in rich soils with high humus content.

Significant improvements in growth and development occur when cultivated in nutrient-rich soils with higher water retention capacity. Peanuts prefer loose, warm soils with good water and nutrient-holding capabilities. Ideal soils are those with sedimentary deposits, well-structured, and well-aerated. Inappropriate conditions include heavy, structurally damaged, waterlogged, saline soils, and those with pH levels outside the range of 5.5 to 7.

Care during vegetation

After germination, peanuts grow and develop slowly. During this period, the crop is significantly suppressed by the harmful effects of weeds and the lack of moisture in the soil. Timely weed control is crucial for yields. The first cultivation of plants is done with a shallow cultivator, leaving a larger protective zone. It is advisable to use cultivators equipped with anti-clogging devices.

The second cultivation is usually performed after 12-14 days at a greater depth and a smaller protective zone. Weed control in this case can be combined with vegetative herbicides. In case of soil moisture deficiency, irrigation is carried out after the weak growth phase.

Another cultivation is performed towards the end of the vegetation period. After each irrigation during the active flowering and fruiting phase, hilling of the plants is carried out.

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